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We are so pleased that so many of you have been reading and engaging with the AR system.  We have a few people so close to being word millionaires so keep going.  Any problems let us know.



Revision Week


There is no new spelling list for this week but instead we are going to take a week to revise the spellings that have been covered in the last four weeks from the P5 Phonics Activity Homework Book 4.

Spellings practice this week should be taken from it and also from any tricky spellings that were incorrect in Friday Check-Ups. 

The document below may be useful for ideas of how to write the words in different ways, which can help with longer term retention.

There are no new daily spelling activities contained in the P5 Phonics Classwork Book 4.

As this is a revision week you might like to ask your child to do the following: 


Monday       - read through Spelling and Friday Check-Up Books. Note down any words that have been tricky.

Tuesday      - devise their own 'See-it-Right' activity by creating 4 spelling options and pictures to illustrate. 

Wednesday - devise their own Scaffolded Text activity which contains any of their tricky words.

Thursday     - write their own sentences using a few spelling words from each week.

Friday          - test spellings from each of the 5 weeks and from each of the columns for your child.


*Between 30-50 spellings should give you a good overview of your child's retention of words and phonic representations so far before we move to the second half of Book 4 next week.*

Spelling Work


This week is a revision week when we are revisiting half of the spellings from Book 4. 

These activities are taken from the Nelson Spelling Book  and the children are familiar with the format. 

The Check-Up units are a little different to usual ones but they should be able to work them out!

They should complete into their Classwork Literacy Books


We are going to continue to complete one page per week in our handwriting books.  If you have misplaced, lost or finished the booklet then just choose a poem or a paragraph from a book and write that on a plain page.  You have learnt all the joins and now it's just practice and muscle building in order to perfect a beautiful (or just legible!) handwriting style. By now your handwriting should be becoming much more natural and fluid and you should be completing all your Literacy work using the correct letter formation and joins. 

If you have any examples of really good and improved handwriting we'd love to see it!

Daily Grammar 

The grammar activities will be continuing this week.  

This week you should complete days 121 - 124 (Monday - Thursday)


This week we will be looking at using colons.  The colon is used when we are writing lists.

Write out the sentences in your Literacy book.

Please remember how we set out our work.

Date and Title

WALT : understand the use of colons

Skip a line

Use joined handwriting 


This comprehension this week will be Smile

Remember -

  • read the passage
  • read it again
  • highlight any words you don't know (that's any word you couldn't explain to another person if they asked)
  • read the questions 
  • circle the correct answer

Writing Activity 

We are going to be looking at adverts and advertising in the next few weeks.  This week we would like you to have a good look around your house and garden and find the most unusual and interesting object there.  Then complete the attached worksheet.  Try to find something you don't think anyone else will have or choose.  The stranger the better ( and no brothers or sisters please! )