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Welcome to the Primary 5 Literacy Learning Area. 

In this section we will upload some Literacy activities which will allow you to work at home with your child/children.  Please resist the temptation to work ahead as we hope to return to school sooner rather than later and we will be picking up from the point we have covered on this site. 

If you require more activities, or you feel that your child is coping particularly well, please avail of the links on the bottom of the Contingency Resources to extend their learning and practise their skills in different ways.  


Thank you, 

L. Kennedy and R. Millar 


In Primary 5 we have been successfully using the Accelerated Reader programme.  During this time we will be allowing the children to access the tests from home in order to allow them to build up points and reach their targets.  They will need to login using the link below using their own personal login details.  They have been using this programme since September and know how to access the quizzes.  They can also visit to check book levels.

Should you require more books, you can download the Libby library app which will allow you to access many online and audio books which may be of interest to your child.  This service is free and all you need is the number from your library card.

This is a link to an online book library. These books are linked to the AR system but the quiz numbers don’t match as we are using the UK site and these books are from the USA.  You should be able to do the quizzes if you enter the title and author.  The library can also be used by brothers and sisters who aren’t on the AR system and the good news is they can listen to the book if you are a bit fed up reading to them!




The sound for the week is 'n'.  This can be represented in a variety of ways which you will find out when you complete the word sort!


The spelling list for the week is in the Phonics Homework Book. We have a well established routine for phonics work in Primary 5.  The try page, wordsort and sentences should be completed as normal. 


The Classwork Phonics Book contains the activities we complete in the mornings and again follow a well established routine which your child should be comfortable with.


Monday      - read through the spelling list and complete the wordsort grid 

Tuesday     - complete the "See- it-Right" activity. A picture, a sentence or a definition will show understanding of the word.

Wednesday - highlight any of our spelling sounds that appear in the Scaffolded Text

Thursday     - Dictation sentences 

(Read these out to your child, they repeat the sentence back and then write it down on the dictation page)

                1. The knight and the gnome were nearly the winners!

                2. I had to kneel before the reigning queen as a sign of respect.

                3. Do you know how to read the novel in a foreign language?

                4. I had to knock the nursery door with my knuckle before entering.

Friday         - Friday check-up

Spelling Activity


Each week the P5 children complete a Spelling activity based on the sound of the week. 

This week's activity is attached below. 


Please complete one page per week in the Handwriting booklet.  

Please use your handwriting pen - I know it is messy to start with but practice makes perfect. 

Use the lines to size your letters correctly making clear definition between capital and small letters. 

Look at your finished work - does it look like the writing in your book?


Daily Grammar

The grammar activities are completed one column per day. (Monday - Thursday)

This week you should complete days 93 - 96




This week we will be looking at prefixes. Download the worksheet and complete. 








In your learning folder there is a comprehension booklet.  These will be completed one per week.  This week the comprehension is Body Art.

Read the passage carefully.

Highlight any words you are unsure of and look them up in a dictionary.

Read the questions carefully and circle the answer.