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The following are some areas of Literacy that we cover each week in Primary Four.  The activities mentioned are either attached as downloadable/research documents (big pics) or have been sent home in booklet form (small pics). 


Please resist the temptation to let your child work ahead of what is recommended each week as, if we return to school before the end of June, we will try to pick up from the point we have covered on this site.  If you find that your child copes particularly well with any task, please avail of the links at the bottom of the Contingency Resources to extend their learning and practise skills in different ways.


Thank you,

L. Neill and R. Millar

Reading (daily)


Throughout this time away from school, your child should be reading a variety of fiction and non-fiction books.  You may have access to a good selection of books at home or perhaps you might need to visit the library, for as long as it remains open.

Should you require more books, you can download the Libby library app with which to avail of many online and audio books which may be of interest to your child.  This service is free of charge, all you need is the number from your library card.

Phonics (daily)


The spelling list for the week is in the Phonics Homework Book 4

Practice of the spellings should continue to be written down on the try page within this booklet and the sentences completed using the appropriate words.



The following activities are contained in the Phonics Classwork Book 4.

Your child should know what to do on each page as we have been using this format in class since September.


Monday       - read through the list and highlight all the /er/ sounds that are represented.

Tuesday      - complete the 'See-it-Right' activity by reading all options and choosing the correct one.

Wednesday - complete the Scaffolded Text activity by highlighting words which contain the /er/ sound

Thursday     - complete the Dictation activity using the sentences below:

                      1. The girl came first and her sister came third. (col 1)

                      2. I fell over and got dirt on my shirt. (col 1)

                      3. The worm can curl and turn and not get hurt. (col 2)

                      4. The doctor had homework to do on his birthday. (col 3)

Friday         - test the week's spellings and write out any corrections three times.


*You know which columns of words your child has been completing each week in P4. Please try to keep to this.*

High Frequency Words (Mon-Thur)


These are contained within the Read, Write & Spell Booklet.


Mon - what/when

Tue -  were/where

Wed - because

Thur - revision page


Take care to read and follow all the instructions on the page.

Grammar (daily)

Daily Grammar (revision - daily)

These activities are contained within the Daily Grammar Activity Book 2.


This week complete Day 101 - 104



Handwriting (Mon and Fri)


These are contained within the Third & Fourth Join Booklet

Pg 35 - fe, we, re joins

Pg 36 - we, ve, re, fe joins


Take care to trace the letters carefully, with a sharp pencil!

Use the lines to size your letters correctly.

Look at your finished it like the writing/joins in the book?

You can do it!

Comprehension (Mon)

These activities are contained within the P4 Comprehension Activities Booklet


Unit 1: 'Go!' 

Read the passage slowly, a couple of times. 

(If you are finding the text difficult, it is ok for an adult to read it with you!)

Remember to read the questions very carefully and then answer them on the sheet.

Try, where possible, to answer in full sentences. 

Check for Capital Letters (CL), Full Stops (FS), Spelling (Sp) and of course correct responses!




Spelling Work (Tues)


Each week there will be a spelling activity related to the week's spellings. 

These activities are taken from the Nelson Spelling Book  (picture included for reference) and the children are very familiar with the format. 

They should complete into their Classwork Literacy Books

Look back in the book to see how we have been setting this out.

Grammar (Wed)


Weekly Grammar (new learning - Wed)

Direct Speech - Speech Bubbles

Watch the powerpoint below. 

Have a go at creating speech bubbles to go with each photo and then use the template to do some of your own.  Maybe you could draw the members of your family and write a speech bubble to go with each?

Have fun!

Writing (Thur)


Letter to Greta


Read the articles about Greta Thunberg and Global Warming on the ‘Other Resources’ part of the P4 page. 

Also take time to look at the ‘Letter Writing’ PowerPoint. 

Based on this information and what you know, plan a letter to Greta to tell her what you are going to do to help combat this issue.


Next week you will be writing the actual letter from your planning.