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Activity one - Jolly Phonics revision - 'ou'

Use your Jolly Phonics revision book and find the 'ou' page. Please listen to the 'ou' song on YouTube, sing together and do the 'ou' action (your child will be able to teach you this. You pretend to prick your finger with a needle while making a 'ou' sound). Talk to your child about 'ou' words - mouse / house / sound / pound / found etc. Complete the 'ou' page - handwriting of the sounds and then look at each picture below together and say each word. Cross out the picture that does not have the 'ou' sound. Please encourage your child to write each word beside the corresponding picture. They should be able to sound out each word. If you would like an extension for this activity, please ask your child to tell you / write a sentence using a 'ou' word or even a few 'ou' words if they're feeling super clever e.g. 'The mouse ran around the house'

Children can then neatly colour the pictures to complete. Again, if your child is struggling with this activity, do a little more oral work on this sound - talk about 'ou' words, over-exaggerate the sound, make up silly sentences and try writing some of the words together.


Activity two - Phonics revision booklet - CVC words

Using your phonics revision booklet, complete the next page. You will see pictures of a spinning top / sun / mat / ant / cup / dog / net / egg / hen. Your child should choose the correct spelling for each word, circle the correct one and then write the word on the lines below each picture. Colour neatly to complete.


Activity three - Picture Writing Prompt Cards

At the bottom on this page, you will find a link to Picture Writing Prompt Cards. Talk to your child about the pictures on each and think of some sentences that you could say or write about each one. Then, allow your child to attempt some sentence writing for the pictures of your choice. Please encourage your child to write as independently as possible, however, if they are not yet ready to do this, feel free to help them sound out each word that they would like to write or you may wish to model the writing for them.


Activity four - Cutting skills - design your own potato character

Talk to your child about the different parts of our face and body and what we use each for. Incorporate discussion about our five senses. Once you have had a wee chat about this, talk about where on our face our nose is, eyes are, mouth is etc. Then, using the link below, cut out the various parts of the potato person and stick each part on to create your own potato character.  


Activity five - Revision of Jolly Phonics sounds

Choose 10 of your Jolly Phonics sounds and see if you can find an item (or maybe few items) around your home that begins with each sound. Try to write each word.

Once you have had a go at this, try a little bit of spelling dictation using your child's 'My Word Family Blending Practise Book'. On the next page, you will see 'in' words - bin / win / tin / fin / thin. Give your child a blank page or whiteboard and call some of these words out to them and ask them to write them down. You may emphasise each sound in the word if your child finds this tricky. Provide lots of praise for good efforts even if the spelling isn't accurate. Once you have finished, check the words along with your child and if they have made some errors, gently sound it out with them and show them how we spell each of the words.



Again, as always, thank you so much for your support in your child's learning. It has been lovely to see some photos of your home learning. Our email addresses are just at the bottom of this page. Please do keep in touch with us and let us know how you are all getting on.


In addition to the above activities, please remember to read, read, read. If you are running out of books at home, there are lots of great online resources. Amazon are offering some of the Oxford Reading Tree (Biff, Chip and Kipper) books for free on their site. Also check out or Oxford Owl, Storyline Online, International Children's Digital Library, Barnes & Noble Free Nook Books for Kids, Mrs P's Magic Library.


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Activity 3 - Sentence writing prompt cards

Activity 4 - cutting skills - potato character