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So new term new AR targets.  This week you should logon and complete the Star Reading Test.

The authorisation password is: admin 
  Once everyone has done we can generate your new ZPD and reset your targets for this term.  Please do the test yourself and without any help from anyone. That way we get a realistic ZPD and your book level will be correct.  Take your time and read the questions carefully. 

Well done to all of you who have been reading and completing quizzes during this time.  Keep it up!




The sound for the week is /k/ .  This can be represented in a variety of ways which you will find out when you complete the word sort!


The spelling list for the week is in the *new* Phonic Activity Homework Book 4.  (This was provided for you in your Home Resources file) We have a well established routine for phonics work in Primary 5.  The try page, wordsort and sentences should be completed as normal. 


The *new* Phonic Activity Classwork Book 4  contains the activities we complete in the mornings and again follow a well established routine which your child should be comfortable with. 


Monday      - read through the spelling list and complete the wordsort grid 

Tuesday     - complete the "See- it-Right" activity. A picture, a sentence or a definition will show understanding of the word.

Wednesday - highlight any of our spelling sounds that appear in the Scaffolded Text

Thursday     - Dictation sentences 

(Read these out to your child, they repeat the sentence back and then write it down on the dictation page)

1. I walked a kilometre to the chemist for a packet of tissues.

2. I was dumbstruck when I saw the kangaroo playing the keyboard.

3. The main character in the school play was very confident.

4. It is hard to concentrate on my comprehension when my mind is in chaos!


Friday         - Friday check-up


Spelling Activity 

This weeks spelling activity all about the /k/ sound and the various representations.

Watch the /k/ sound PowerPoint at the bottom of this Literacy page.

Then complete the activity below into your Literacy Book. (pdf version also at the bottom of the page)

(The answers all contain a representation of the /k/ sound but they might not all be spelling words.)

Remember date, title and WALT.  

WALT: use /k/ words 




We are going to continue to complete one page per week in our handwriting books.  If you have misplaced, lost or finished the booklet then just choose a poem or a paragraph from a book and write that on a plain page.  You have learnt all the joins and now it's just practice and muscle building in order to perfect a beautiful (or just legible!) handwriting style. 


Daily Grammar 

The grammar activities will be continuing this week.  

This week you should complete days 100- 104 (Monday - Thursday)


This week we will be looking at comparative and superlative adjectives.  This is just a fancy way of saying -er and -est words.  It's how we compare nouns.  Beware the tricky ones!  We don't want any bad/badder/baddest do we?

Complete the attached worksheets.



















This comprehension this week will be Lucy and Tom. 

Remember -

  • read the passage
  • read it again
  • highlight any words you don't know (that's any word you couldn't explain to another person if they asked)
  • read the questions 
  • circle the correct answer