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Daily Grammar


This week's grammar work is from pages 135 - 138 in your booklet.




Unit 3 - Suffixes -ture and -sure endings


Spelling Booklet


Unit 2 - Aim to complete one page per day.



Remember, apostrophes have various meanings. This week we are looking at their use to show belonging.


- The tail that belongs to the dog - the dog's tail. (Singular - 's / apostrophe s)

- The bowls belonging to the cats - the cats' bowls. (Plural by adding s - s' / s apostrophe)

- The school bags belong to the school children - the children's school bags. (Plural by changing the word -'s)


During your reading this week, note any words you come across using an apostrophe for contraction. Can you sort them, Singular - ‘s, Plural - s’ or Plural - ‘s. 


Activity 1) HRJ4 Pg 35 - Nouns Possession

Activity 2) CPF G&P2 Unit 17 Pg 38/39 - Apostrophes (Possession)

Activity 3) Key Grammar Bk2 Unit 15 Pg 32/33

Activity 4) Key Grammar Bk3 Unit 18 Pg 48/49

Activity 5) S&S G4 Pg 23 - Plural s or Apostrophe s


Comprehension 1) Special Request

Comprehension 2) Dilly Dinosaur, Detective

Comprehension 3) The Chicken Gave It To Me

Extension) The Crows and The Snake

Challenge) The Veiled Lady (Playscript)