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Granda Tom!



Big THANK YOU to Ms Magennis for donating her shed to the school for extra storage and also to Granda Tom and his helpers for getting it all put back together again on site.  

We are so grateful to have such a great community of parents and friends who support the school in so many ways.


I think you will agree that our outdoor spaces are looking fantastic! 

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Granda Tom (grandfather of the Parker girls), who has just been so kind with his time and skills over the last year.


Tom has been volunteering his time to make things, plant things, cut things, tend to things and generally do all sorts of amazing things around the grounds of the school. And, during this strange period of school closure, Tom has been in and out of the school grounds making sure that everything stays shipshape for whenever the children can return.


The photos below show just some of the wonderful things Tom has been quietly doing for our children.

Tom ... from all of us ... THANK YOU!