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Daily Mile Challenge

Welcome to the Daily Mile ... from home. 

Why do the Daily Mile?

Its impact can be transformational – improving not only the children’s fitness, but also their concentration levels, mood, behaviour and general wellbeing.

Week 4 Challenges

This week the days are stretching so we have more time to get out so let’s get out for an extra walk this week, take this opportunity to get started, or add a few extra minutes to your walk. 

Challenges include, spotting signs of the seasons changing, a memory game to see if you can remember your daily mile route or some of the street names you walk down, and an opportunity to be a bit silly with ‘Too Big Day.’

Week 3 Challenges

This week’s challenges include; Colour Your Feelings. As part of mental health week we have been talking about or feelings and ways to express ourselves. Happy Places; plan to walk past some of your favourite places. Expecting to see a lot of you walking past MPS of course and; Pick A Number for your ‘race’ top and fill it with things you enjoy and what makes you smile. 

Have a good week and keep the pictures coming in of you, and your family, out for your walks. 

Be safe. 


This term we had planned to roll out the Daily Mile in school so, let’s get started at home and we can continue when we return. 

The aim. Simple. Get out of the house for 15 minutes each day to walk, jog or run. 
This can be completed in your garden, in your street or at a local park. Just remember Covid guidelines and equally as important, remember to have permission / supervision from an adult at home. 

Each week we will add the challenge. All you have to do is get up and get out and see if you can compete any of them on your daily walk. 

To keep us all connected you can send us some photos of you out and about on your Daily Mile. 
Photos can be emailed to 

We miss you all being in and around the school. We are so proud of you all and the work you are completing on a daily basis. Now you can add the Daily Mile to your daily routine. 

Looking forward to seeing what you all get up to. 

Week 2 Challenges

This week’s challenges:


1) can you do the Mo-bot. The, now famous, celebration of Team GB Olympian, Sir Mo Farah 


2) silly hair day. Get out for your daily mile with the silliest hair you can. Or a silly hat. Whatever works. 

3) train spotting. Or any other forms of transport. On your walk how many different types of transport can you see?

Week 1 Challenges

Well done to this week’s Star Walker! This super boy has been out several times this week and even for a night time walk. Well done for all your efforts and even more praise for being out and being safe with your torch and hi-vis vest. 
I have a big tube of Fruit Pastilles with your name on it.