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Ok so my class all know that I have never claimed to be an artist.  However, this little break gives me an opportunity to give something new a go.  This morning I looked outside and saw the daffodils in the gardens and they were so happy and full of hope that they made me smile.  So, I have included a step by step guide on how to draw a simple daffodil.  I have had a go and I am willing to share my effort with you all.  If you wish to share your creation with me you can email it to me and I can share a few with you all.  If you live in the village you may have heard that the Primary 1 and 2's are displaying their rainbow pictures in their windows so that they can see them if they are out for a short walk.  Maybe you could do the same?  Or you could make a card and post it to a friend or neighbour.  

Miss Kennedy (