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Congratulations to everyone who has completed their STAR test yes. You've done really well and lots of you will have to choose books within a new ZPD range, amazing! As we're all working from home I'd love you all to help each other out - remind your friends to set aside some time to complete their STAR test. If they aren't sure how to log in, tell them the details and tell them they are also on the website......incase they forget surprise!


I'll include them again this week: 


Log on to AR and complete your final STAR test. This will allow me to reset targets for the final term.

Remember to click on the box which is named 'STAR' reading. The authorisation password is ‘admin’. 
Please do the test yourself and without any help from anyone. That way we get a realistic ZPD and your book level will be correct.  Take your time and read the questions carefully. 


Over the next few days I will reset targets for those of you who have completed your STAR test and you'll be able to begin the challenge of reaching your target before the end of June.

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Great achievement for the following who completed their STAR reading test by Friday of last week.

Adam B, Ruby, Rhys F, Adam E, Matthew F, Corey, Alexa, Jack, Alex, Brandon, Amy, Reuben & Ryan.


Remember to complete the quiz on Charlotte's Web this week. You should be finishing off the book this week and then will be able to take the AR quiz on it.